Hey there! 👋 My name is Yannick and I am looking for a 🆒 sociotechnical internship in Africa (or elsewhere)

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As an aspiring Social Hacker, I want using my coding skills for change in things that really matter to me. I believe that no issue is too big for the smallest technical solution to meaningfully impact a life.

What motivates me 🔥

But this impact that technology can have, is not necessarily positive.

Everyday, we humans are using technology for manipulation and misleading of ourselves with disinformation and dark patterns. Day by day, we are entangling ourselves further into a worldwide web of problems.

Inequalities are increasing. Democracies are shrinking and the earth is heating up.

Blatant lies and empty promises have become the core of the tech industry's business model. Nobody asked for Blockchain or the Metaverse. People demand real solutions for real problems instead.

What I want to achieve 🌟

So, when I say that I want technological innovation to solve our shared problems, then I mean every word of it.

For most of my life, I sought distraction in the newest gadget or latest video game. But I have come to the realization that this reality — the one when go you out the door — is the only one we have. And that you can only find real purpose if you try to improve this reality.

What I am looking for 🔍

This is why I want to learn by experience how technology can have a real and positive impact on people's lives.

My guess is that is has everything to do with how you connect people with technology, which requires good leadership. I think that learning this, is about building up skills such as listening and building trust, in order to build strong relationships.

I would like to learn this is from others with this experience. And I would like to learn this in an environment that demands these skills, because there are real things at stake. It is a dynamic environemnt, where the unexpected is never far away.

To find such a place with such people I will focus on (non-)commercial organisations operating in the Global South, preferrably in Africa.

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Things I can do 💪

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Things I did 🤓

42 school projects 🖥️

'42' is a highly acclaimed coding school and is considered as the best alternative to university.

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What others say about me 💁

Great communicator, thoughtful person, fun to collaborate with, hope we keep doing that!
~ Ruben Timmerman, Volt Europa tech team, founder of Springest

Gedurende zijn studie heb ik Yannick leren kennen als een heel verantwoordelijke en toegewijde student. Als tutor stond hij altijd klaar om zijn medestudenten te ondersteunen en te motiveren. Zijn scherpe analytische geest en opmerkzaamheid stellen hem in staat om met creatieve en effectieve oplossingen te komen voor diverse uitdagingen! Yannick is ook een gedreven en een waardevolle teamspeler. Hij zorgt voor een positieve teamdynamiek en een fijn groepsgevoel. Zijn betrouwbaarheid en toewijding maken hem iemand waarop je kunt rekenen, zelfs in de meest veeleisende situaties. Ik kan Yannick erg aanbevelen als een collega of teamlid. Zijn combinatie van competentie, toewijding en teamgeest maken hem een waardevolle aanwinst voor elk project of team!
Throughout his studies, I got to know Yannick as a very responsible and dedicated student. As a tutor, he was always ready to support and motivate his fellow students. His sharp analytical mind and attentiveness enable him to come up with creative and effective solutions to various challenges! Yannick is also driven and a valuable team player. He creates positive team dynamics and a nice group feeling. His reliability and dedication make him someone you can count on, even in the most demanding situations. I can highly recommend Yannick as a colleague or team member. His combination of competence, dedication and team spirit make him a valuable asset to any project or team!
~ Sarah van Hooreweder, general manager Antwerp campus at 19

Yannick is great at bringing together and motivating developers. He ensures that everyone feels welcome, while keeping all eyes on the goal and making sure the team moves forward.
~ Simon Riezebos, Volt Europa data team

להיות עם יניק בבית הספר הוא תענוג אמיתי. הוא תמיד מביא אנרגיה חיובית רבה ותמיד מוכן לעזור לסטודנט אחר בכל עניין. האיזון המושלם בין כישורים חברתיים ליכולת טכנית הופך אותו לבולט במיוחד. כל חברה או ארגון יהיו מאושרים לקבל אותו לשורותיהם.
Having Yannick with us at school is truly a joy. He consistently brings a great deal of positive energy and is always ready to assist a fellow student with any matter. His perfect balance between social skills and technical abilities makes him a standout. Any company or organization would be fortunate to have him on their team.
~ סמי גלוק (Samuel Gluck), student at 19

Ta on tähelepanelik arendusmeeskonna kaaslane, kellel on lai oskuste pagas, täpsemalt oskus sukelduda binaarsele tasandile ja tõusta kõrgele organisatsiooni väärtuse loomisele arutelus.
He is a considerate development team mate who has a broad range of skillset, more precisely being able to zoom in to binary level and zoom out to value creation for an organisation.
~ Rando Sainas, student at 19

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